Making of Bear Strong

Bear Strong began after I done a TV interview talking about my history of depression and mental health problems. I got a massive amount of messages from people looking for help.

So we decided to make a documentary which told my story in a way that done it justice, the documentary was named Bear Strong, because of my nickname big bear and because the meaning of bear strong means ' to bear the burden of others'

Bear strong become a massive success and went world wide. Since then I have done seminars and workshops in schools, businesses and universities all over the UK.

We launched the clothing range in the end of 2019, and quickly noticed that just wearing the clothing got people talking about the brand and what it was about. Then two people, maybe even two strangers began talking about mental health and sharing stories.

The brand at heart will always remain to have a strong connection which will never be lost with mental health support. The brand today means different things to different people and I love that!!

It's not just one simple meaning , and its far from just a gym t-shirt with a logo. Bear strong stands for Strength, mental health awareness , LGBTQ awareness, pride, friendship , community.

Everyone takes there own meaning from it and is proud to become Bear Strong

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