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Welcome to online personal training  

Welcome and thank you for taking an interest in having me as you coach. It's time to take the guess work out of your training, what I've learned over 14 years of training and training others you can have today. To make sure you get results now, rather than later. 

How Does It Work?

Each client, and let me be very clear about this, works directly with me and no one else, and every plan I tailor towards each individually. 

So for me to understand and support you the process is as follows.

Man Trying App

Learning About you 

First of you will receive a questionnaire to fill out , flooded with as much info about yourself as you can give me, so I can begin to understand who you are and how your experiences in the pass has been etc. This is a important process as I do like to start planning for someone until I have a very strong understanding of them.

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The app brings everything together into one place which is both great for me and for you. Through the app we can have everything well organised and reminders set to keep you on track, along with that you have your coach with you in your pocket as you train and go day to day through your journey 

Gym Equipments

Training Programme

I will then use this important to start building your bespoke training programme ( 100% bespoke to you) 

I create 2-4 weeks in advance and we monitor your feed back and performance as you go, adjust, change and adapt - always moving in the right direction!


Daily Support 

So I don't take on a lot of online clients so I can keep the level of coaching I like to. Having a close relationship and friendship with my clients is very important to me. If a coach has 100 clients online they do one when they say they offer any time of support. Keep the numbers low I have time for all my clients then and everyone gets help when they need it more importantly 

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Nutrition Coaching 

Okay so you have to be eating the right food / diet to see the results you want. So this is a key point to any coaching, some of you my need a lot of help, others not so much and my packages reflect this making sure your getting all help you need at best value 

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You have to mentally help train your clients too, motivation plays a huge role in success. We will work to create good habits and break old ones. Stay focused on each day and smash each week. 


About me!

Welcome to my online coaching section - I've coached from Inspire Gym Larne for the past 8 years now, over all coached for over 12 years. From pro strongmen to individuals looking to loose weight or transform their bodies. I believe that achieving results is all down to your mindset, we all have the ability to do so , just some haven't learned how yet!!

I feel I'm unique from other online coaches because I understand the mental connections, both positive and negative we have towards food and training. In 14 years I've never seen another coach who 'gets it' 


To drive 100 miles you have to first start the car , 2nd make sure it's fuel for the journey - majority of coaches are hot wiring people and blaming them when the tanks empty.

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Does online coaching work?

I used to think online coaching would be no use compared to a face to face coaching, until I started working with coaches online and they showed me how beneficial it is. If your gym knowledge isn't great, my app has full video tutorials showing you how to use the machines etc. 

I don't do general plans, everyone I work with I work one to one, hence why I don't have many places available. I found to work with clients on level they need is very time consuming, I spend a lot of time planning programs, adjusting when needed and back and forward with calls and messages supporting my clients. I think of my clients like my training partners, we succeed and work together!

From strongman to weight gain or loss - join my squad today. 

I first met Chris in January with 7 months until my wedding day. I seriously needed some help getting into shape. I have never been a consistent gym goer it's never been my thing. My first session with Chris it was evident how unfit I really was from hardly completing even the first 10 minutes to feeling sick. Chris was so supportive and assured me if I keep at this with him he will get me where I need to be for my big day fast forward 6 months I absolutely LOVE Chris and look forward to going to his classes he pushes me when I don't think I can give it anymore. Chris has got me to a point that I am confident again feeling super fit and more importantly healthy. I cannot recommend him enough. Thank you Chris 😊

Jodie Payne 


You can choose now to get started straight away and become part of my team by selecting a package that sounds you best - there is upfront and monthly options available.

Still unsure ? Book a consult with Chris 


Small Group Training 

Inspire Gym 

Join the Bear Strong academy and become part of my small group training sessions. These are held at Inspire Gym Larne and are great fun with brilliant results.

The academy runs in 4 week blocks!

Next block starts 28th August!

Register your interest in online coaching 

Thank you for your interest ill be in touch soon 

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